Essential Doula offers birthing services that support mothers through their journey, pregnancy to postpartum. I will help you create a birth plan, show you ways to find comfort in labor, and support your partner in supporting you. I  will be your constant during labor and assist you with breastfeeding and bonding immediately after birth. I also offer a postpartum follow up to see how you are doing and provide additional resources as needed.

Birth Doula

It's a big event in your life! Why go into it without an expert? I will help you through pregnancy and all things related. Below are only a few things in our huge scope that we are committed to providing you with: Prenatal meetings Meeting between you and a Doula


Discussions Include The Following:

  • Previous pregnancies/births

  • How you envision your birth to be and where

  • Discuss fears, concerns, or things we should NOT say during labor and birth

  • Different options regarding pain relief 

  • Help create a Birth Plan & Postpartum support plan

In life, there are special days like your first day of school, graduation or getting married, etc. Most times we all have someone to support that special occasion. Why is birth any different? Labor can be very unpredictable. Why not have a professional to empower and guide you in welcoming your baby to this world.

  • Igniting confidence and power and helping them find they're voice

  • Breathing, relaxation, concentration

  • Different laboring positions

  • Coping techniques

  • Use of essential oils if owned by mom and has permission from her care provider’s (Doctors/Nurses)

Placenta Encapsulation

Scientists have discovered that the placenta contains hormones that inhibit stress and trigger the release of endorphins. It is also believed that placenta remedies after birth cause women to heal faster, feel stronger and happier (fewer mood swings due to hormone regulation. A mature placenta contains a high level of oxytocin (often called the love hormone). Women whose milk lacks oxytocin because of toxemia, gallbladder disease or a stressful birth, can make up for it by using a placenta remedy.