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Birth doula

About Lenna Sanchez

I am a wife and a mother who is passionate about providing essential support, confidence, knowledge, and education to my clients for one of the most pivotal and sacred times in their lives. Having experienced three births of my own in three very different ways and being a twice VBAC birther I can relate to those moms who need the added support to accomplish their own VBAC. from Hospital, Home, or Birth Center I have over 11 years of experience as a Certified doula and Birth keeper and am always continuing my education in this field that I love. I believe women and their families should be heard, respected, and empowered during one of life’s toughest yet rewarding journeys life has to offer.


  • Certified Doula

  • Certified Birth Keeper

  • Certified Placenta Encapsulator

  • Certified VBAC Specialist



I can help you achieve a gentle, natural, birth experience, without gimmicks, simply natural birth with the guidance of a trained professional, the blessing of experience, and an extensive network of seasoned professionals that have helped me and guided me for many years, available to help us, so that we together, may prepare for your birth and achieve the best outcome possible, no matter where you choose to deliver and with whom. Even if all you need is guidance, this is the service for you.

birth doula
Birth Doula

I strive to bring you the most compassionate, understanding, and professional support you need to accomplish the birth you desire.

Placenta encapsulation
Placenta Encapsulation

Safety, professionalism and fast turn around are all top priorities for my Placenta Encapsulation service.

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